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Field Marketing as a Service

The foundation of successful sales

Successful sales organizations don’t rely solely on lead generation. They know that they need a comprehensive strategy known as "field marketing," which oversees the entire sales funnel.

But many companies can’t find the time, the budgets or, more often, the trained resources to manage this process.

Your Lead Journey Starts Here

Marketing as a Managed Service

Don’t have the time, the resources or the skills to manage a successful program?

Our team, headed by an experienced field marketing manager will take charge of the planning and execution of your program. This includes all areas of demand generation, including content development (white papers, webinars and events), online ads and awareness, email marketing and lead nurturing, research, and reporting and analytics.

Focus on the Top Priorities

Only prioritized, vetted leads go to your salespeople. They are scored and prioritized based on:

• signals of engagement from first and third party data
• lead scoring using multiple pieces of high-value content
• online activity intent against a customized list of topics that are key for your business.

Your salespeople have the data to focus on top priorities and the information to start conversations.

The Campaign Dashboard

Reporting and more. You get regular reporting via your own dashboard of all activities and signals of changes in interest and intent. This will give you the full picture of your campaign with the ability to drill down on any item of interest. You can spot any changes in interest or intent and take action to advance opportunities.

A New Era of Leads

Is it time to stop Chasing Leads and move to a new era of driving Demand Management?

Field Marketing as a Service can help you reach those decision makers and influencers.


Comprehensive updates + an interactive dashboard


Verification, enrichment & nurture of your “old” leads


Promotions, webinars and event sponsorship


Data-driven, scored multi-touch programs


Thought leadership, research, multimedia & events

Lead Acquisition

Qualified IT decision makers and influencers

It’s not easy to maintain a lead funnel that converts

Organizations face many challenges trying to deliver their own field marketing

Requires a wide skill set

Industry knowledge | Demand generation| Content creation and selection (for local market) | Event management, recruiting and logistics | Online events | Social media | Online advertising

Talent turnover is high

And the required skills learning curve is long

Skills are hard to find

Especially in a targeted industry

Many tasks need to be outsourced

But require skilled management and knowledge of suppliers

What we do

ITWC offers a suite of solutions as part of our Digital Platform.







Connecting you with technology purchasers

ITWC creates programs that target your audience and delivers Demand Generation, Nurturing and Renewal with insights and metrics to support your marketing efforts.

Years of Experience


Tech Events Per Year


Casl Compliant Contacts


Pageviews Anually


Our Brands

FMaaS increases your chance of scoring (the deal)

We Move You Closer to Your Sales Goals

Making a sale is a lot like scoring a touchdown: a “Hail Mary” pass seldom succeeds – but you can count on a series of well-executed plays to get you closer and closer to the goal line. We can't score for you, but our expert field marketing team can get you to the five-yard line.

We have the resources and the know-how to activate, enrich, and nurture your leads through the conversion process, putting you in prime position to close the deal.

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Find out more

ITWC President Ray Christophersen on Tuesday, June 20 at 11:00am ET to find out what Field Marketing as a Service (FMaaS) is - and how it can help you.

Find out how Field Marketing as a Service can help you unlock the secrets to a successful marketing engine in this short webinar, where ITWC President Ray Christophersen reveals how to fill the gaps in your field marketing efforts and deliver more conversions.

Discover the solution to managing multiple channel and reseller partnerships effectively and boosting sales in this webinar panel discussion on the benefits of Channel Acceleration.

Accelerate your Leads Process

We do the heavy lifting

For Small and Medium Enterprise

Field Marketing is complex. It requires deep industry knowledge and a wide range of marketing expertise. We can help provide a bigger toolkit for your marketing team. FMaaS is a turnkey offering that manages all aspects of your tactical demand generation activities, including:

  • Strategic analysis and program advice
  • Tactical plan and budget for approval – with options and recommendations
  • Dedicated project manager to manage all activities and reporting
  • Content development, lead generation, quality control, nurturing, scoring and prioritization
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboard on process and goals achieved

For Enterprise

Are your leads converting? How much would it be worth to you to increase your conversion rate? Your sales calls will be more successful if you are calling a prospect who knows who your company is, trusts your company’s expertise, and is in the market. We’ll top up your funnel, keep you top of mind through nurturing, and monitor who might be in the market through engagement and intent scoring. You’ll get:

  • Highly qualified net new leads
  • Re-engagement of existing leads (contact data validated and augmented)
  • Enriched account data including intent data against a customized intent topic list
  • Nurture campaign (can include white papers, online briefings and events)
  • Lead engagement and intent scoring
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting and dashboard

For Channel

If you go to market through a reseller partner channel, you want to actively support your channel partners. But there are challenges – particular with your smaller reseller partners. With our channel acceleration program, we provide:

  • MDF fund-pooling to maximize the quality and scope of your program
  • Data-driven lead allocation across multiple partners to get the best ”fit”
  • Clear measurement of partner progress and ROI for the program
  • Early nurturing and guidance to partners on a “turnkey basis”
  • Lead scoring based on engagement and intent analytics

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