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Lead Generation

Identify • Nurture • Qualify

With the largest subscriber base of technology-decision makers in Canada, we provide you with access to the right audience, cost-effectively and efficiently, and delivers on uniquely qualified leads, acquired through a variety of different avenues and across platforms.
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Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.

- Forrester Research

CASL Compliant Marketing

CASL compliant

With fully-opted in subscribers, our database is 100 percent CASL compliant. From emails to registration pages and telemarketing scripts, everyone is ‘explicitly’ asked to provide consent and all consents are fully documented. That’s on top of our privacy policies. We respect the privacy of all subscribers and their right to receive the communications they want.
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Compelling Lead Generation content

Compelling content

For increased ‘opens’ and ‘downloads, turn to us for brief, compelling copy that gets noticed and demonstrates value to viewers.
Qualified lead generation

Qualified leads

Obtain validated, quality leads by working with us to ask the right questions to assess interest levels and buying power.
Lead Nurturing

Nurtured leads

Let us help you identify high-quality leads through a phased approach to building awareness and generating interest.
Improve Lead Generation Conversions


Move prospects through the sales cycle faster with a multi-faceted content-based approach that speaks to ROI and customer needs.
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Lead Generation Sales Sheet


Has a budget for this solution.


Has authority to make the decision.


Has identified a need.


Implementing in the near future.

BANT leads are sales-ready leads

Leveraging our data -- collected from individuals who have participated in our events, lead generation, research, and digital content interactions -- ITWC can identify levels of interest and subsequently, further qualify these leads to determine intent to purchase.
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